Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Auatic Plants 2010-2014
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This year we are exhibiting at RHS Chelsea Flower Show from Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th May 2017.

Team photo 2016

The team has changed this year – so we bring you up to date with the people working to produce and send your pond plants to you and on our website.

  • Chelsea2016Team
  • Chelsea2016OllieAngela
  • Chelsea2016Wendy
  • Chelsea2016Phil
  • Chelsea2016Julie

2016 Chelsea Video

Ian Pickering photography made this video for us with a section of time lapse photography from the exhibit tunnel during preparation and then some views of the Chelsea exhibit 2016. Thanks to them for this unique view of our efforts this year. Please watch and enjoy.

Chelsea 2016

The display at Chelsea 2016 was another success with the judges giving us our 6th Gold Medal. With such a strange Spring it had been difficult to bring the Iris into flower but the waterlilies loved the conditions as we could keep them in warm water in a polytunnel.

  • P1050192.Ch2016
  • P1050241.Ch2016
  • P1050232.Ch2016
  • P1050236.Ch2016
  • P1050145.Ch2016
  • Chelsea2016087

The Team at Chelsea

It is not often we are seen outside the Nursery in Sharnford these days – in fact the only time this year is at Chelsea Flower Show so we thought we ought to make a record of our appearance.

The faces of those behind the scenes are from the left: Angela, Oliver, Imogen, Phil and Linda.

Thanks to Ian Pickering Photography from Sharnford who took these photos for us.

  • Chelsea2015-P&L
  • Chelsea2015Angela
  • Chelsea2015Imogen
  • Chelsea2015Oliver
  • Chelsea2015LS.LeicsRadio
  • Chelsea2015Team

Rachel de Thame with our orange container pond on BBC

By Wednesday of Chelsea 2015 a large amount of interest had been shown to our 60cm orange container pond planted with Nymphaea candida – the dwarf white waterlily.

Rachel de Thame did a recording for the Wednesday 20th May afternoon programme on taking home a bitesize piece of Chelsea for your own garden.

We had 5 container ponds on the exhibit this year. 80cm in Weeping Red and in Granite and 60cm in Marble, Gunmetal and Orange.

The Weeping Red was planted for shade with seedhead interest and structural shapes, the Granite for sun with waterlily and Iris in flower. The Marble was a Native plant collection including Caltha palustris, Eriophorum angustifolium, Veronica beccabunga, Myosotis scorpioides and Potentilla palustris and the Gunmetal a combination of Iris versicolor Kermesina and Oenanthe javanica Flamingo.

  • Ch15P1030134
  • contMarble1
  • Ch15P1030016
  • Ch15IMG_0600
  • Ch15IMG_0559
  • Ch15P1030154