Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Aquatic Plants 2011 - 2017
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TV coverage Chelsea Flower Show 2017|Waterside Nursery

For those that missed it we had some wonderful coverage from the days filming that took place in the Nursery before Chelsea. Here is our 8 minute TV segment from the Friday night of Chelsea Flower Show 2017 coverage.

It covers our recent Nursery move, the effect that will have on our exhibit and our hopes for another Gold Medal and we tried to show why we love aquatic plants and the wildlife that is attracted to both garden ponds and our tanks of water in the Nursery.

Chelsea 2017

How time flies and the team has changed again!

  • Ch2017-Phil1
  • Ch2017-Oliver1
  • Ch2017-Wendy1
  • ch2017-Angela1
  • ch2017-Gemma
  • Ch2017-Malcolm1

Team photo 2016

The team has changed this year – so we bring you up to date with the people working to produce and send your pond plants to you and on our website.

  • Chelsea2016Team
  • Chelsea2016OllieAngela
  • Chelsea2016Wendy
  • Chelsea2016Phil
  • Chelsea2016Julie

2016 Chelsea Video

Ian Pickering photography made this video for us with a section of time lapse photography from the exhibit tunnel during preparation and then some views of the Chelsea exhibit 2016. Thanks to them for this unique view of our efforts this year. Please watch and enjoy.

Chelsea 2016

The display at Chelsea 2016 was another success with the judges giving us our 6th Gold Medal. With such a strange Spring it had been difficult to bring the Iris into flower but the waterlilies loved the conditions as we could keep them in warm water in a polytunnel.

  • P1050192.Ch2016
  • P1050241.Ch2016
  • P1050232.Ch2016
  • P1050236.Ch2016
  • P1050145.Ch2016
  • Chelsea2016087