Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Aquatic Plants 2011 - 2017
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Chelsea Flower Show youtube video

So that you can walk around our 2014 exhibit without visiting the Chelsea Flower Show we have a video for you. Please view it and enjoy.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Our Chelsea 2014 exhibit was used as a backdrop to Toby Buckland’s piece to camera for the BBC TV coverage and featured our new arched bridge brilliantly! For those of you that have followed the changes in our exhibits over the years we attach a few more photos so you can see how the taller bridge changed the look of the exhibit even more than we could have envisaged!

  • Ch.2014-05-18-16.35.12
  • Ch14.P1010197
  • Ch14.P1010202
  • ch14.p1010196_1
  • ch14.p1010363
  • Ch14.P1010355

2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Andy Sturgeon visited our exhibit in 2013 to do a piece for BBC TV about British Native plants and we had 22 different varieties on the exhibit for him to choose from. He chose the moist plants Geum rivale – Water Avens and Lychnis flos cuculi – Ragged Robin.

Our 2013 exhibit to celebrate the 100 years of the Chelsea Flower Show had a new sculpture – 2 stainless steel ‘C’ which represented the Chelsea Centenary and also the Centenary of the development of Stainless Steel.

See some more photos from the 2013 exhibit in the gallery attached.

  • 2013fromcherry-picker.1200w
  • Ch.2013-199
  • ch.2013-05-18-08.51.15
  • Ch.13.photo18
  • Ch.2013-063

2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Tom Hart Dyke joined us at Chelsea Flower Show 2012 to talk about plant adaptations.

He chose Water Hyacinth with its bulbous air filled floating leaf form and Stratiotes aloides the Native Water Soldier that avoids our British ice and frost by dropping to the bottom of the pond in Winter where the ice and frost do not reach the overwintering buds.

They had some fun trying to film the plants sitting on the water surface with an underwater camera!

See the rest of the images in the gallery to look at our newly designed L shaped pond stand with more water on view than ever before and for the first time visible from each of the 4 sides as you approach the exhibit.

  • Ch2012-IMG_0013
  • Ch2012-IMG_0002
  • 2012photo1cropped
  • from-aboveblackedout
  • waterside130
  • Ch2012-waterside048.1

Pam Ayres meets Waterside Nursery at Chelsea 2011

What a year  – 2011 – Our first Chelsea Gold Medal and a 3 minute TV interview with Pam Ayres on prime time TV. That may not seem long to all of you but it was mega in its effect. When it was repeated on the Sunday highlights programme we just couldn’t believe it.

Pam Ayres chatting to Linda from Waterside Nursery at Chelsea 2011 on planting her pond to encourage more wildlife creatures to visit her garden and how to help them survive and flourish.

She also fell in love with our container ponds which she instantly named “portable ponds’ (in that wonderful accent of hers) and that she could imagine people taking with them if they were to move house. What a lovely chat we had! See and hear the interview on our media page.

  • chelsea2010 from above
  • chelsea2011.1
  • chelsea2011280511-065
  • chelsea201127052011-001
  • chelsea201127052011-003