Snow on the pond

Snow on the pond

This weekend sees the first winter snow on the pond.

At the Nursery the troughs are iced over in the mornings and there is a layer of snow on our garden pond.

Jobs when snow is on the pond:

  • Sweep off as much snow as you can safely reach using a broom. This allows as much light as possible to reach the water below the ice layer.
  • Allowing more light down into the water will help the oxygenating plants work better.
  • This helps any frogs remaining in the water to survive.
  • Your Autumn maintenance should be complete so there is no rotting vegetation trapped beneath the ice.
  • Any continued 'rot down' without sufficient oxygen will begin to produce noxious gases that will be harmful to any creatures overwintering underwater.
  • Keep a hole in the ice by resting a pan of hot water on the surface to help the birds in the garden.
  • Have a pump running to push oxygenated water down into the depths of the pond where most amphibians will be.

Caring for your container pond in Winter:

  • The water level in the container should be an inch below the bottom of the rim. Any ice can expand upward and under the rim rather than forcing the pond shape outwards.
  • The surface of the container pond can freeze over without any problems for the plants. You must avoid the whole container freezing solid if it has a waterlily in it.
  • A miniature waterlily will not thrive if it is in solid ice. Wrap the container pond in fleece or bubble wrap for protection.
Winter in our container pond

Winter in our container pond

Next jobs for you:

  • Keep inside and stay warm.
  • Think of all the things you will need to do when the snow is gone.
  • Plan a shopping list for your pond - add it to 'Saved baskets' or complete the pop-up requesting an email that appears when you add an item to your basket and you can return to it and order quickly.
  • Or complete the  'Email when available' box for any plant you are waiting for and we will notify you when it becomes available to purchase.
  • Think about:
  • large mesh baskets for dividing plants.
  • Long gloves for working in the pond.
  • Barleystraw minibales - Barleystraw should be added when the freeze is over so they are activated in a month's time.
  • For the container pond - have Barley Bio Algae Control ready.
  • Feed balls for Aquatic plants for flowering shelf pond plants and XL feed balls for aquatic plants for waterlilies in Spring.