The snow and ice has stopped us dispatching your pond plant orders again. We could not pick plants on Monday or Tuesday 19/20th March but we think the thaw should allow despatch on Wednesday and Thursday 21/22nd March.

You can see that our plants are mainly growing in water troughs outside and exposed to the weather but we made the decision most of our customers would not want to go out to their gardens to break the ice and put the plants into the correct depths of water early this week.

We have 4cm of ice in the water tanks at the Nursery at the moment – not nice to handle or work in.

We have not had as much snow here as some places so we will start to send out again when the ice has thawed in most of the Country.

If you have any specific requirements – deadlines or holidays – please contact us by via [email protected] or 07931 557082 and we will do our best to send to suit your requirements.