What pond plant growth can you see in Spring?

What pond plant growth can you see in Spring?

Spring pond plant growth is not as obvious as the daffodils which are in flower now showing Spring is here.

Pond plants are slower to respond to any Spring sun than the plants growing in the air. We have photographed some of our plants in the Nursery in mid March.

We do not hothouse our plants so they are looking as they would in your pond now.

  • The water around them remains cold for longer than the soil around the daffodil bulbs.
  • Deep water remains coldest for the longest time so waterlilies are the slowest plants to reach the water surface.
  • See how much growth can be expected on your pond plants when the water is still cold.
  • This is the size of plants we are sending out to customers now.
  • Our plants are grown outdoors over Winter so are ready for life in your outside pond.

See more photos on Tips and Advice for reassurance that what you can see (or not!) in your own ponds now is perfectly normal for this time of year.