Check that plants are at their correct depths for overwintering ie Pontederia plants should be well down – about 15cm (6″) of water over the top of the basket. The crowns of any waterlily should also be at least 15cm (6″) below water level so that any ice across the pond in winter cannot reach the rhizomes. Water plants should be trimmed back soon so that the old foliage does not fall into the water and rot. Plants with hollow stems like the Pontederia or the Schoenoplectus species should not be cut back too low – the stems should not be able to fill with water or the plant will not survive.

If any waterlilies have leaf growth that is standing upright above the water then photograph the clump now and its position in the pond so that you know before it regrows to the surface next Spring which plant you should repot or divide.

If you are thinking of developing a new pond for next year now is the time to start digging – if you plan and create the pond now you can do the edge detailing whilst the pond is filling with rain water over the coming months. Read our ‘How to build a pond’ – Tips & Advice page. Your new pond will then be full of rainwater and ready to receive the creatures and plants in Spring.