Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Aquatic Plants 2011 - 2017
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We are on the RHS speaker List and undertake talks to local Garden Groups between the months of October and February. Read about our 6 talks and lecture titles below.


How to create and plant a successful pond

A talk with images showing how to design and construct a pond and the choices of water plants you can have for creating the correct planting balance that will fit in with the style of your garden.


Planting for the wildlife in your pond

Talk with images showing the wildlife visitors to the pond throughout the year and how to encourage them to your pond by choosing well balanced planting that will enhance their habitat. This talk is enjoyed by everyone – whether an active gardener or not as the wildlife images capture the imagination.

Weeping red finish on our fibreglass Container patio pond

Enjoying water in small garden spaces

Talks to inspire you with many design ideas and planting opportunities to incorporate water into the smallest of garden spaces including how to use one of our container ponds. Many people go home with renewed enthusiasm for their water gardening. A thought provoking talk!


The pond owner's calendar

A talk with images for the ‘hand’s on gardener’ to show propagation and other tasks as well as planting highlights for each season of the pond year. This talk gives as much detail as we can to help the enthusiast pond keeper based on our 20 years of Nursery experience.


Our Chelsea Flower Show experiences

The work we put into our dream to put up the first aquatic plant exhibit in the Pavilion at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2010 and then the inside story as we went back to do it again and again!


The story of Modern Waterlilies

Talk with images on the development of modern coloured waterlilies including a look at the Latour Marliac Nursery in France and his friendship with Claude Monet the painter who made waterlilies popular in his Impressionist paintings

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More info on our talks

We undertake garden club talks in the Midlands area between the months of October and February.

We have all our own equipment for showing images but would use your tables to show any plants we bring for sale.

Special orders can be brought to garden talks if members of the Garden Group choose from the catalogue online and then contact us direct (phone or email). They can then save the postage and packing costs of mail order.

For charges, mileage rates and to check date availability please complete the form above. We are based in Sharnford, Leicestershire.