We have had calls this week from customers that have been outside in their gardens looking at the growth of plants in the pond. It is easy to be deceived – the air temperature was warmer in some areas last week and the sun did eventually shine through by late morning but down in the depths of the pond the water temperature will not have changed much from earlier weeks.

It takes a sustained period of warmth to change the water temperature 2ft below the surface. Your pond plants will still be there and you may or may not see signs of plant life by looking in. That does not mean that the oxygenating plants in the deepest section of the pond are not alive just that they are waiting to launch into greater activity until later.

See if you can increase the number of different types of oxygenating plants in your pond as each species has its peak times of operating so the best ponds have a good variety in them.

Equally the waterlilies will show little growth yet – they too are waiting to respond to a change in water temperature around the crown to tempt them into growth. The pond plant with growth on the water surface at the moment is the Aponogeton distachyos (Water Hawthorn) with its white and black flowers and long thin shaped leaf – this plant likes the cooler water of Spring.

Some plants on the pond shelf will show signs of activity – the Caltha family (Marsh Marigolds) that flower in Spring time should be looking green and new leaf shoots and buds should be appearing now if you look but most other plants are still inactive.