Time to plan a pond

Time to plan a pond

Winter is the time to plan a pond. Thinking about this year's new pond project seems preferable to going outside and starting to build it just yet!

Spend the next month or so reading as much as you can.

Our Tips and Advice pages "How to build a pond in your garden" takes you through all the thought processes and should lead you to the right decisions for siting and building the best style of pond for your garden.

Key areas to think about:

  1. What you want the pond in your pond to achieve - wildlife haven, planted water feature, fish pond? Choose its position accordingly.
  2. Pay special attention to the depths of shelving levels needed in the pond too as without these plant shelves it is hard to successfully add plants to create that finished look or wildlife habitat.
  3. How to finish the pond into the garden setting. Most people do not like to see the black pond liner above the water so read carefully about finishing the liner in a vertical plane with a shallow shelf of cobbles and plants before you reach that part of the construction.

Happy reading in front of the fire and we hope we can help you plant your new pond later this year.

Bring your pond to life with one of our planting schemes - see below