What is the best combination of pond plants for container ponds?

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Combinations of pond plants for container ponds:

Every container pond needs a similar combination of pond plants to a full sized pond:

1. Oxygenating plants for beneath the waters' surface to use mineral salts and add oxygen to the water
2. Surface cover plants to shade the water and give stability to the water temperature as well as producing interesting textures or flowers
3. Emergent pond plants that will give you colour in different seasons and interesting plant form.

Choose smaller varieties of plants and those that are less vigorous for your container pond.

Prepared planting schemes of pond plants for container ponds:

  • Take the worry out of choosing pond plants for your container pond.
  • Choose our ready prepared combinations of pond plants for container ponds of 60cm & 80cm width.
  • 10 prepared planting schemes - 5 each for the 60 and 80cm container ponds
  • Each prepared scheme based on a colour theme available on our Container pond shop page
  • Some for sunny positions, some for shade.
  • Miniature waterlilies and Iris are pond plants for container ponds in the sun
  • Interest from foliage and texture are for container ponds in a shaded position.

To create you own container pond planting scheme:

Plants for oxygenation below water surface:

Plants for surface cover:

For plants of upright texture and flower choose:

  • shelf pond plants to sit in the support ring - pond plants from shelf Suitable for shelf depth 0-13cm (0-5”) below water surface   category.
  • upright plants that grow no taller than 2' 6"(75cm).
  • pond plants described as small, delicate or slow growing.
  • a selection of flower or foliage interest throughout the year.
  • a mixture that raft across the water surface and that grow upright.

Planting in a container pond with just one feature plant can be very effective:

  • Control a vigorous variety in a container pond.
  • Plants with a sharp root stocks can be dangerous to a liner but cannot puncture the solid material of a container pond.
  • You can use waterlilies as the feature plant in a container pond.
  • 60cm ponds can have 3x pygmaea (miniature) waterlilies, 80cm container pond 3x dwarf waterlilies.
  • Plant a 98cm container pond using only Pond waterlilies. There is no plant support grid for this size container pond so this is our suggested method of dressing this size of pond.
  • Always add an oxygenating plant under the water surface too.

Feeding the plants in a container pond:

  • After their first season the flowering plants will need additional feed.
  • Feed in April and again in July.
  • Push one Feed balls for Aquatic plants into an 11cm or 9cm basket of compost - especially in waterlilies & Iris.
  • Add one XL feed balls for aquatic plants  into a 15cm or 23cm basket of pond waterlily compost.