What combination of pond plants should I choose for my container pond?

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Combinations of pond plants for container ponds:

Every container pond needs a similar combination of pond plants as a full sized pond:

1. Oxygenating plants for beneath the waters' surface to use mineral salts and add oxygen to the water
2. Surface cover plants to shade the water and give stability to the water temperature as well as producing interesting textures or flowers
3. Emergent pond plants that will give you colour in different seasons and interesting plant form.

Choose smaller varieties of plants and those that are less vigorous for your container pond.

Prepared planting schemes for easy container pond planting:

  • Feel happier choosing a ready prepared combination that will give you the right balance of plants and spread of interest throughout the year.

To create you own container pond planting scheme:

Plants for oxygenation:

Plants for surface cover:

  • Miniature waterlilies (pygmaea) in pink or yellow for the tiny (60cm) pond
  • Dwarf waterlilies - Aurora, Perry's Baby Red for the 80cm pond
  • Floating plants - Frogbit for the tiniest pond or container

Plants for upright texture and flower:

  • Choose pond plants from shelf Suitable for shelf depth 0-13cm (0-5”) below water surface   category
  • Choose plants that do not grow taller than 2' 6"(75cm)
  • Use plants that are described as small, delicate or slow growing
  • Choose a selection of interest throughout the year
  • Choose some that raft across the water surface and some that emerge and grow upright.