Make a container pond as a pond-in-a-pot water feature:

Any container that holds water can be used as a mini container pond – metal, ceramic and fibreglass. You may need to seal the drainage hole in a container that has not been designed to hold water by using a patch of pond liner and a waterproof adhesive sealant.

Fill the container with rainwater if possible rather than tap water.

Our range of lightweight fibreglass containers for a portable pond are available in a choice of colours and finishes and in 2 width sizes – 60cm, 80cm and 98cm wide at the top rim.

Easy to use: our fibreglass containers are delivered without a drainage hole and are not vulnerable to frost or ice.

Keep the water level below the underside of the sloping rim to allow for ice expansion.

Our container ponds are available in the following colours and finish effects: See container pond shop page.

Read on through the following pages to see the support grid which holds the plants in place and our ready prepared collections of plants – one click purchase of a balanced collection of plants to make setting up your first miniature pond as simple as possible.