How to plant an area with moist plants or muddy bog plants

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Plant moist plants or muddy bog plants in your 'bog garden'?

Choose either moist <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> plants or wet muddy  <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p> plants in your prepared 'bog garden area'. Be aware moist plants will not grow in wet soil. Choose the correct option in the 'Soil Conditions' filters in our plant finder search or shop pages.


Plants for moist soil <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> : these require drained, moist soil not wet.

  • Moist plants of a crown type will rot if sat in waterlogged soil during their dormant period in Winter.
  • These want a drained, moist situation. ie. Aruncus , Astilbe, Darmera, Eupatorium, Filipendula, Iris sibirica, Ligularia, Lychnis, Candelabra Primula, Rodgersia, Succisa etc.

Plants for areas with permanently wet mud (waterlogged in winter)  <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p>:

  • Definition of wet mud - if you dig a hole to a spades depth and it fills with water then the plants' roots will be sat in water and the soil is wet/waterlogged.
  • These are specific pond plants that are capable of having their roots in water but their crowns exposed on the mud surface. ie. Anemopsis californica, Caltha, Carex, Eriophorum species, Iris pseudacorus & versicolor, Juncus, Lythrum salicaria, Mentha cervina etc.
  • Plants for the moist or wet mud area can be chosen for a shaded site or a sunny one.

We have prepared collections available for each soil condition:

  • Both available as British Native only, mainly British Native plants or any plant from our range
  • Moist soil Collection  <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> (for not waterlogged soil)
  • Muddy Bog Collection  <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p>
  • The RH end of this bog garden is standing water so  <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p>  pond plants are growing
  • The LH end of this area is higher and is drained with moist soil so is planted with moist loving plants listed as
  • The 2 types of planting can live side by side - your choice is dictated by the water condition in each planting zone.

Media interest in Bog gardens

  • In the Great Garden Revival Thursday 9th January 2014 Charlie Dimmock built a pond with a planted wildlife zone enclosed within the pond water area.
  • For this you must fill the planting area with aquatic compost and use plants from the shelf <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p> category that will accept their feet and crowns in water
  • Joe Swift covered Bog Gardens in the Great Garden Revival of 20th January 2015. He featured plants from both the <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> and <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p> plant ranges to provide the right plants for different bog garden areas. Iris ensata and Astilbe species filmed at Marwood Hall are both <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> and will not survive with their crowns or roots in water in Winter.