Planting deeper water areas - shelf 3

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Submerged oxygenators, waterlilies and floating plants:

Shelf Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+) below water surface level : Plants for deeper water 45cm(18") plus:

1. Oxygenating pond plants:

  • Allow two portions of oxygenating plant (however supplied - bareroot or bunched) per square metre of surface area for planting a new pond

2. Waterlilies:

  • 50-70% of your water surface area should be covered by plant growth to keep the water cool and shaded and prevent algae growth.
  • Waterlilies also provide colourful waterlily flowers on the pond surface.

3. Hardy British Native floating plants:

(Stratiotes aloides - Water Soldiers and Hydrocharis morsus-ranae - Frogbit

  • Plants that avoid the winter cold by dropping down below the surface of the water to overwinter as dormant buds in deeper, less cold water.
  • These will then reappear in late Spring as the water temperature warms up.
  • They rise and fall in the water so are not potted into a basket but grown loose in the water.
  • Only available when in active growth - May/June - August/September

4. Aponogeton distachyos:

  • Only available when in active growth - between January and April/May.

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