Pond plants - maintenance tips

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Maintenance to emergent and rafting pond plants during the season

Pond plants in Spring:

1. After flowering in Spring cut back the foliage of the Caltha family as it will turn grey with mildew or have brown spots but if you remove these leaves then the plant will grow fresh leaves again and you may get a second flush of flowers.

2. In May reduce the height of some of Lythrum salicaria plant stems to give a shorter thicker plant.

Pond plants in Summer:

1. Do this again to Lythrum salicaria in July and you will extend the period of flowering.

2. Repot the rooted nodes of rafting plants into new baskets

Pond plants in Autumn:

There are many different species of plants in a pond so these are general Autumn guidance.

1. Rafting shelf plants should have surplus growth removed from the water so that you control the amount you have for next year and the amount that will be touched by ice and frost and decay back into the water. Generally non-native species are more prone to ice damage than Native species.

2. Upright shelf plants with masses of foliage should be cut down to water level to prevent leaf dieback falling into the water. Do not cut below expected Winter water level.

3. All plants need to be at the depths stated on the ticket for protection from frost and ice over winter