Waterlilies & surface plants

Order Water lilies - miniature, dwarf & larger pond waterlilies

Tiny miniature and dwarf Water lilies are ready potted in 11cm baskets and suitable for shelf <p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p>. A pond waterlily is ready rooted in a 20cm basket in aquatic compost to be placed immediately into your pond on deeper shelf <p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”) below water surface</p> or <p>Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+) below water surface level</p> to give surface cover over deeper water.


All Water lilies want:

  • deeper water than a shelf pond plant
  • a still pond in sunshine
  • positioning away from constantly splashing water such as a fountain or waterfall
  • a feed ball pushing into the soil surrounding the rhizome when the leaves are growing to the surface. Use small feed balls from the (feed ball pack) in 11cm baskets, use XL feed balls in 20cm baskets
  • push a second feed ball into the compost around July to help continued flowering.

Lowering a deep water plant into the pond:

  • If the waterlily or Water Hawthorn you receive has leaf growth that has reached the surface of our pond in the Nursery (ie the leaf is no longer furled but lying flat) then place it so that the flat leaf is on the water surface in your pond.
  • If necessary, stand the basket on another basket filled with gravel.
  • Submerging the top surface of the leaf below water level by more than a couple of inches at once will result in the leaf rotting away as it cannot 'breathe'.
  • If the leaf is furled (rolled up) it can be placed at any depth as it is still traveling.
  • The plant can be lowered deeper under the water later. Do not rush to take the plant all the way to its specified depth in the first year.
  • Wait until Autumn and lower the basket then if the waterlily or Water Hawthorn grew strongly that year.

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