Waterlilies travel well now

Waterlilies travel well now

Potted Waterlilies  travel well now because any growth that may have started this Spring is still well below the water surface.

Waterlilies respond to warmth and sunshine which we have had precious little of this month!

The plants are small at present - each leaf on a Pond waterlily may only be 1 -2" wide.  An early miniature waterlily leaf may only be half an inch across.

  • The lack of growth to be seen when the waterlily arrives with you is not a problem but an advantage.
  • There is no long leaf stem or flower bud extending from the basket so there is less plant material to get damaged in transit.
  • When you put the waterlily basket in your pond you can do so at its proper depth
  • If we delivered it later in the season its position in the pond would have to be determined by the extended leaves that have already opened on the water surface at the Nursery. This may not be the same depth as you want it in your own pond.

Sending waterlilies out from the Nursery now with only small semi-furled leaves, still growing upwards, means the plant is not expecting to use these leaves to absorb oxygen and it is happy that they are placed back below the water.

  • These leaves will continue to travel upward in one smooth journey to your surface area as soon as weather allows once you place them in your pond.
  • They will open flat on the surface just the once in a season.
  • This allows the plant to conserve energy (and flowering potential), not growing and then regrowing to reach a changed water surface level.

So it is the ideal time for us to transport them to you.

Recent photos show the amount of growth on our waterlilies at the moment - 2 Pond waterlilies shown in 9" round baskets and 1 Miniature in a 4" square basket (so you get an idea of scale).