Nymphaea Attraction

Waterlilies repotted last month should have rooted through on a shallow shelf by now and can be placed down about halfway to their final depth. Leave them there until Autumn so they can establish easily in their first season. Waterlilies love still water in good sunshine to flower best.

Older waterlilies that have not been divided are on their way to the top surface of the water and will soon give more cover to the surface area – necessary as the sunshine gets warmer to keep the pond water temperature cool. Boost their growth with Aquavigro feed tabs pushed deep into the compost of the basket near the roots to help the hungry waterlily gain as much strength as possible to reach the surface and then flower well.

The Water Hawthorn has been flowering well but will soon start to deteriorate – it is not dying but going dormant until the cooler water of Autumn returns. Remember where it is (or add a label to remind you)so that when you come to do maintenance you do not throw it out thinking that it is dead – if left alone it will return.