When to plant a pond ?

When to plant a pond ?

Customers ask us - "When can you plant a pond?"

The answer is: As a customer of ours you can plant a pond now with our ready potted plant baskets.

The shelf pond plants and waterlilies that we are sending this Spring were potted on the Nursery last year.

  • Pond plants are rooted in aquatic soil ready to lower straight into your pond.
  • Shelf pond plants have root growth showing through the mesh holes in the baskets.
  • Plant shoots or leaf may be dormant or small but the plant is established within the basket.
  • Our plants live outside on the Nursery in our water tanks.
  • They have been exposed to any weather in Leicestershire including ice across the water surface.
  • Buying now, before the sun comes out, means they will grow on to suit the weather and temperature in your area of the UK.
  • Place Waterlilies now at the depth they will remain at all year. There is no leaf growth yet so no adjustment needed to keep an open leaf on the water surface.

For further photos of  potted plants ready to be despatched now see our Tips and Advice pages: Your pond plants in Spring and Waterlilies - seasonal tips.

Oxygenating plants are sent bareroot - either loose or bunched, as this is how the plant likes to grow. Oxygenating plants rise and fall according to the temperature of the water so like to float freely rather than be potted in a basket and anchored in one place.

You cannot plant bareroot pieces of plant material this early in the year and expect them to root. This is why many people think that ponds cannot be planted this early in the season. But -

Think of our already planted baskets as 'Moving house' rather than having to be newly planted.