Welcome back for another year of water gardening tips on our blog – we aim to keep you up to date with your pond and what you could be doing each month.   Winter in the pond is a quiet time – thank goodness you say as you look out of the window!

Plants, fish and other creatures have done their growing and breeding for the year and have gone dormant in order to survive the winter and start all over again in a few month’s time.

This annual life cycle is helped by the care and attention you gave the pond last Autumn – you know your clearing back and tidying means your pond is healthy and its inhabitants will survive to see another year.

Most amphibians however will be on land and hiding in stone walls, piles of logs or under nearby sheds and buildings. Leave some dead foliage in the bog garden area around the pond for them to crawl into – but be careful when you tidy in Spring not to toss them onto the compost heap far away from the pond and its water!

There is nothing else you can do for now so stay inside and plan for the season to come – a new pond, bog or stream feature, new plants or an area for wildlife.

Or consider a container pond and miniature pond plants for that smallest space in the garden.