Winter snow

Winter snow

With this Winter snow we apologize to anyone with an outstanding order at the moment but we cannot send plants out while the Nursery looks like this!

Snow is sitting on the tops of the outside troughs here and on the top of ponds across most of the UK.

  • Try and brush away as much snow from the pond surface as you can reach safely with a broom so that light can get through to the water below and allow oxygenating plants to work.
  • Consider adding a pond heater to keep an area of surface free from snow and ice. Birds will use your pond in Winter to drink and clean their feathers – essential for helping with their insulation.
  • Do not smash the ice on your pond as this will send shock waves through the water that can upset fish and other creatures.
  • To melt the ice use a saucepan of water to stand on the water surface to melt a section of ice slowly.

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