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60cm wide fibreglass Container Pond kit in a variety of different colours coplete with a custom made plant support ring. Ready to plant up and enjoy attracting wildlife to you chosen area right away. Ideal for introducing water to a small garden without the space and maintenance required by a garden pond.

To plant up your container with a pre prepared, well balanced planting scheme see Plant Collections A - E on our planting schemes page.

Support ring, plants or products ordered with a container pond will be sent with or after your container has been delivered.

If you would like to order the container without a support ring, specify in the GENERAL COMMENTS box when completing your order. This ring will not be necessary if you are planning to only use waterlilies in your container pond as they will rest on the base.

Container Pond:

  • Dimensions - 60cm(24") wide (at rim) x 25cm(10") high x 23cm(9") wide (at base)
  • Volume - 45 litres (10 gallons)
  • Made from - Fibreglass
  • Delivery - 1-6 weeks dependant on colour
  • Aspect - Completely dependant on plant choice


All bowls are made with a polished, gloss finish that is weatherproof and easy to clean (excluding Limestone). Limestone is a textured matt finish that will weather like stone with age.





  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Frost proof even through harsh winters
  • Long lasting

Support ring:

  • Dimensions - 48cm (18.75")
  • Made from - Coated steel

Planting tips - During cold winters reduce the water level 1cm(1/2") below the rim to allow for ice expansion. Keep the water level to the underside of the sloping rim (do not allow the water to cover the sloping rim as this can effect the paint finish if it is submerged below water).

We use Chlorine Guard for treating tapwater if used and extract of barleystraw for algae inhibition.

Any plants or products ordered with a container pond will be sent with or after your container has been delivered.

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Container pond orders are dispatched to UK destinations only. Container ponds can take between 1-5 weeks to deliver from the manufacturer dependent on whether your size and colour finish combination is in stock as some combinations are made to order. Plants, support rings and any other products on the same order will not be sent until after the container pond has been delivered to you.