About us at Waterside Nursery

Waterside Nursery have grown our own water plants in Leicestershire, UK since 1995.

We are specialist growers of Water Plants. Both marginal shelf pond plants and deep water plants. Water lilies for ponds and miniature water plants and waterlilies for our design of fibreglass patio container pond features.

  • Waterside Nursery grow water plants for our own online mail order website only.
  • We are different to other water plant retailers as we offer plants we have grown ourselves.
  • Plants are rooted into mesh baskets using aquatic compost ready to be immediately planted into your pond or container pond.
  • We also grow moisture loving plants for around a pond supplied rooted in solid pots.
  • The majority of our Waterside Nursery site is planted baskets in outside troughs where the water plants will stay throughout the year.
  • They will transfer to you at any time of year except when there is thick ice across the water.
  • Our plants are sent mail order to UK destinations only using the courier APC.
  • We are not open to the public due to planning restrictions.


  • Waterside Nursery exhibited our water plants and container ponds at RHS Chelsea Flower Show and received  7 Gold Medals from 2011 to 2017 for aquatic plants.
  • We are sorry we no longer have the time to do the big RHS Shows!
  • We concentrate now on our online website and sending our homegrown water plants for all types of ponds or water features out direct to our customers.

The Team in 2017

3 more people have joined us since. One each into admin, packing and propagating.

Working in association with

  • We are listed as a supplier in The Royal Horticultural Society Plantfinder where specialist Nurseries are listed so that customers have one trusted source to find advice and the plants they are looking for.

  • The National Trust for Scotland have us on their Supplier List and we are pleased to advise them & send our water plants out to their various properties for their water garden projects.

  • Froglife is a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.

    We are pleased to supply them with pond plants for the ponds they create and manage.

  • There are 46 Wildlife Trusts covering the UK, Isle of Man and Alderney. Each Wildlife Trust is an independent charity set up to help save wildlife and wild places and help people get closer to nature.

    We are pleased to supply pond plants for their sites of special scientific interest. (SSSI)

Talks with Waterside

  • Phil and Linda Smith – owners of Waterside Nursery.

    We are sorry that with coronavirus restrictions we are no longer taking bookings for Talks to Garden Groups.

    We feel we will not be able to resume doing Talks after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

    We apologise to all Garden Clubs that may have been hoping to book us in the future and wish all those we have spoken to in the past health, happiness & success in the future.