Pond Plants to Buy Online direct from us in UK - specialist growers of Aquatic Plants & Water lilies:

Our Pond plants for Marginal shelf areas & Water lilies for deeper water are grown on our own specialist aquatic Nursery in Leicestershire, UK.

We send them to you already rooted in a mesh basket and Aquatic plant soil suitable to place immediately into your pond or container pond as they are adapted to our outdoor temperatures. Submerged oxygenating plants for ponds are sent bareroot. We have a good range of indigenous British Native plants for sale – mainly grown from seed from our own stock plants.

Prepared Pond Planting Schemes – an easy way to purchase a balanced ‘Starter Kit’ of plants for ponds with different depths of water. You just need to know the size of your pond to buy the correct scheme. We choose the individual pond plants for you. You can choose to have your Pond Planting Scheme as either ‘Only British UK Native’ plants, ‘Mainly British Native’ plants or ‘Any’ aquatic plants.

Fibreglass Container Ponds create a water gardening feature for the smallest garden spaces – ideal for balcony or patio.


We are mail order only and dispatch our pond plants for delivery to you at UK addresses on Tuesday – Friday. We offer Free Delivery on orders of over £50 to Mainland England & Wales. Some Scottish postcodes and all Island destinations have a surcharge. We can no longer send to either Northern or Southern Ireland or the Channel Islands.


Tips and Advice pages are written by Linda & will tell you more about Planting your Pond & about the many wildlife visitors to your garden pond area as it matures.

Our Blog posts are useful reminders of wildlife due to visit or jobs to do in your pond at different times of year.

If you have any questions about our aquatic pond plants or how to plant your pond please phone us on 07931 557082 or email info@watersidenursery.co.uk.

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  • Clear up your pond this Autumn Clear up your pond this Autumn

    Clear up your pond this Autumn

    25 October 2023

    October or November is the time to maintain your pond. Neglecting this job in Autumn will lead to algae and blanketweed problems next Spring. Begin to clear your pond of surplus plant growth before it gets too cold. 4 key points in clearing up a pond: 1. Remove tree leaves as they fall  2. Cut back […]

  • The start of Autumn The start of Autumn

    The start of Autumn

    8 October 2023

    At the start of Autumn your pond plants will start to collapse. Summer has been and gone so quickly! Pay attention to pond plants in Autumn: Waterlily leaves begin to turn brown - remove them from the pond so that they do not sink to the bottom and rot under water over Winter. Remove any […]

  • Planting your pond now Planting your pond now

    Planting your pond now

    17 September 2023

    You can still add our plants to your pond now. Garden centres have stopped selling pond plants. Wholesalers have stopped delivering so Garden Centres can get Christmas decorations out on sale. Our pond plants can still be planted now and we still have them available. Planting your pond now is easy with our ready-rooted plants. […]