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Pond Plants to Buy Online grown in UK by Waterside Nursery - a specialist Aquatic Plants Nursery

Buy Pond Plants from Waterside Nursery grown by us – Aquatic Plants specialists in Leicestershire, UK. We grow pond plants for Marginal shelf pond areas & Water lilies for deeper water sent to you as rooted plants in a mesh basket with Aquatic compost ready to be placed immediately into your pond or container pond.

British Native submerged oxygenating plants for ponds are sent barerooted.

Waterside Nursery are a mail order Nursery only. Our Pond Plants are dispatched from us within a week of your online order for delivery to you at UK addresses on a Tuesday – Friday.

Prepared Pond Planting Schemes – an easy way to purchase a balanced selection of plants for different depths of water. You just need to know the size of your pond to buy the correct scheme and we will choose the individual pond plants for you.

Fibreglass Container Ponds create a water gardening feature for the smallest of garden spaces – ideal for balcony or patio.

Tips and Advice pages will tell you more about Planting your Pond & about the wildlife visitors to your pond area as it matures.

Our Blog posts will be useful as reminders of things to do in your pond at different times of year.

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