Cold nights for the pond

Cold nights for the pond

Cold nights for the pond will arrive soon and the pond water will reach freezing point. Ensure deep water plants are placed well below the water surface.

  • Waterlilies and Pontederia should be in the correct depth of water as listed on our ticket or on the relevant website pages.
  • These do not want to be near the water surface over Winter. The rhizomes do not want to be trapped in a layer of ice.
  • Non hardy plants should be removed from the pond and put into the greenhouse.
  • Including Zantedeschia aethiopica (Peace Lily), Cyperus papyrus (Egyptian paper reed) and Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria (distinctive with its purple foliage and bright red flower).
  • These are often used in ponds in the Summer but will not survive if their crowns are caught in a layer of ice in Winter.
  • The crowns will turn very mushy and the plant will not grow again next year.
  • We do not sell these as we concentrate on Hardy plants that can be left in the pond when planted at the correct depth.

As you remove any plants from the pond wash them well

  • Wash in pond water to enable any creatures to return to the pond.
  • If you remove blanketweed by winding it over and over into a coil as you pull it out from the water then you must unwind that coil to free any trapped amphibians or creatures.
  • It is not enough just to leave it lying on the side of the pond as the creatures will not be able to escape from the knot you have made.
  • Unravel it and shake well over the waters' edge - you may find dragonfly larva as well as backswimmers, Water lice and Water Beetles all caught up inside.

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