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We write our pond blog about once a week with tasks to be done in your pond at that time with tips on how to care for your pond and its plants.

We also try and show you the wildlife you can see in your pond.

Our blog contains all the information and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years in the Nursery.

Frog spawn is late

Finally, the frogs have decided they can wait no longer and have laid frog spawn in our pond. The Winter has been so long and so cold and...

Smooth Newt male

Amphibian Identification Guide

Download the Amphibian Identification Guide from ARG UK  so you can recognize the different frog, toad and newt visitors to your pond this Spring. They will all be...

Frog pair in mating amplexus

Frogs in Leicestershire

At last we have seen frogs in Leicestershire. We were working by the pond and were accompanied by such a noise - at first we thought it was...

one clump of frog spawn laid by a single breeding female|Waterside Nursery

Big Spawn Count 2016

As in previous years we support the Big Spawn Count 2016 by Fresh Water Habitats. We encourage our customers to complete the survey to give more information to...

Frogs are returning to their ponds

In some parts of the country frog spawn has been spotted already. We are still waiting here in Leicestershire. The trigger for the amphibians to make the return...

Make a prepared ‘bog’ garden

Think about extending the area of wildlife habitat around your garden pond with plants for moist soil or a muddy bog both built with a punctured liner to...

A damselfly Ovipositing on a pygmaea waterlily

Wildlife Ponds

Wildlife ponds support a huge range of creatures: [gallery columns="4" link="file" size="large" ids="204,205,207,208"] invertebrates - dragon and damselflies, pond skaters, water boatmen, water beetles and pond snails amphibians...