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We write our pond blog about once a week with tasks to be done in your pond at that time with tips on how to care for your pond and its plants.

We also try and show you the wildlife you can see in your pond.

Our blog contains all the information and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years in the Nursery.

Alisma plantago aquatica

British Native plants from seed

Growing British Native plants from seed is easy. Many British Native species of pond plants like Caltha palustris, Alisma plantago aquatica, Iris pseudacorus, Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum and Ranunculus...

British Native plants

British Native plants are often regarded as the most wildlife friendly for our British wildlife including bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Primula veris (Cowslip) Geum rivale (Water Avens)...

Iris Pseudacorus British Native Flag Iris

Time to divide Iris

After the pond Iris have flowered in late May or June it is time to look at the size of the clump and decide whether to divide any...

pond edge plants

Pond edge plants

Our latest published article with RHS looks at pond edge plants that grow where water meets land. The plants that thrive in this area need consistently wet soil...

add a planted bog garden around your pond to provide cover for wildlife

Can you add a bog garden?

As your pond starts to wake up to Spring take a look at the surrounding area to see if you can add a 'bog garden' of muddy or...