Over the last week or two mail order customers have asked if they get instructions with each plant we send out.

Easiest way to show everyone what information tickets they get if they order from us is to show examples of our ticketing:

  • Name in Latin as per the website and often the Common English name too.
  • Planting instructions – either depth of water over the top of the basket the plant is supplied in or alternative instructions for submerged oxygenating plants
  • Dual planting instructions – some plants will stand on a pond shelf with water over the top of the basket or they can be planted into a muddy soil area.
  • Height of plant growth above the water surface
  • Spread of growth across the water surface for waterlilies and Water Hawthorn

We put a ticket into every plant basket (or one per bag if there are 3 plants of the same in that bag).

Put all the plants we send out into the pond immediately in the form they arrive in. Weighted bunches of oxygenating plants go into the water as weighted bunches, loose oxygenating plants (Ceratophyllum demersum) emptied loose into the water without weights.

Plants in 9cm, 1 or 3 litre baskets are all fine in that size of basket for at least the first year but will ultimately need to be replanted into a larger basket.