Information tickets

Information tickets

Customers ask what information and instructions they get with the plants we send out.

Each plant if ordered singly (or 3 of the same plant wrapped in the same bag) is sent with an information ticket/ label as seen below.

Each ticket has the following lines:

  1. Name in Latin as per the website and often the Common English name too.
  2. Planting instructions - depth of water over the top of the basket the plant is supplied in. Or alternative instructions for submerged oxygenating plants.
  3. Dual planting instructions - some plants will either stand on a pond shelf with water over the top of the basket or can be planted into a muddy soil area.
  4. Height of plant growth above the water surface, flowering season if relevant.
  5. Spread of growth (after 3 years) across the water surface for waterlilies and Water Hawthorn
  6. As of December 2019 each ticket has our Plant Passport Number to allow that plants' history to be traced - only those with a / have not been grown on our Nursery.

Easiest way to show this is to show examples of our ticketing:

Put all the plants we send out into the pond immediately in the form they arrive in.

  • Weighted bunches of oxygenating plants go into the water as weighted bunches,
  • Loose oxygenating plants (Ceratophyllum demersum) emptied loose into the water without weights.
  • Place baskets into water to the depth over the top of the basket specified on the ticket in that plant.

We measure or count oxygenating plant portions and then wrap all portions together in newspaper and place in one bag. This saves on plastic wastage.

Plants in 9cm, 11cm or 23cm baskets are all fine in that size of basket for at least a year. Replant into a larger mesh basket after 2-3 years.