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Pond Revive enhances & supplements naturally occurring micro-organisms in a pond. It stimulates bacterial & biological activity in a pond that appears lifeless in an eco-friendly way.

Helps clarify water and improve your pond ecosystem to create the best environment for pond plants and wildlife to thrive. Frog friendly.

Pond Revive is a natural product and does not contain any chemicals. It is safe for plants, wildlife, humans, pets and fish.

Natural products can take longer to reach optimum effect but are safer for the user and the environment.

Supplied in - 250ml bottle

Treats - a poor pond ecosystem by adding micro-organisms that supplement & stimulate essential bacteria.

Directions & Dosage

Use regularly throughout Spring and early Summer

Add 50ml of Pond Revive to a bucket of pond water per 1000 litres of pond water. Mix well and spread evenly over the surface using a watering can. Or add directly to the pond near a re-circulating system or pump to ensure it is well mixed. Repeat every 5 days for 20 days. Turn off UV lights for 48 hours after dosing.

For smaller ponds & container ponds (less than 1,000 litres) use a minimum dose of 25ml.  It can be sprinkled across the surface of the water of a small area. 

A 250 ml bottle will treat up to 2,250 litres of pond water. You cannot overdose - it is a totally natural product and no harm will be done by adding too much.

To calculate the volume of your pond - length x width x depth in feet x 6.25 = volume in gallons

Volume of our container ponds - 60cm wide = 45 litres (10 gallons) and 80cm wide = 105 litres (23 gallons) 

Will my plants arrive potted?

Yes, all our 9cm, 11cm and 23cm Marginal Pond Plants, Deep Water plants and Waterillies will be sent out to you pre-planted in a mesh basket with our aquatic compost and will have been fed with an aquatic feed ball.

Bunched and loose Oxygenators will be sent out bareroot or bunched with a weight and can be dropped straight into the pond as they are delivered .

Moist plants are sent out in solid pots that you would remove before planting into the soil. 

Can Koi fish or ducks eat my plants?

Yes, they may well do. We cannot guarantee that any plants will survive hungry fish and ducks. We would recommend going for Iris or woodier stemmed plants and forming some sort of barrier between the plants and any large fish or wild fowl.

How does my order arrive?

Plant orders are dispatched to UK destinations only but we cannot send to Northern Ireland. Your order will be picked in the Nursery and will be sealed in airtight, waterproof packaging to keep it fresh during transit. Please unwrap all plants from the packaging as soon as possible and place in the situation/depth specified on each plant ticket.

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