Propagating rafting pond plants

Propagating rafting pond plants

Think about propagating rafting pond plants in your pond or container pond now if they have been vigorous this year and spread out across the water surface.

Tidy them up by removing some of the growth by hand by taking cuttings from the rooted pieces that are spread across the water.

Don't remove the whole plant or all its long growth as the pond or container minipond water could go green.

The rafting growth uses nutrients, gives shade on the water surface and helps control the greenwater algae. These scrambling, surface cover pond plants will also be the hiding place of many pond creatures so make as little disturbance as possible to their habitat.

Repot the cuttings (see our Tips and Advice page) into new mesh baskets with aquatic compost and you have plants to give away or fresh, new plants to grow on to replace the older parent plant.

Or you can plant some of the rooted cuttings back into the original mesh basket which will thicken up the parent plant at its source.

Newly potted baskets should be encouraged to root by standing the base of the basket in water and when it is rooted lower the basket so that the crown of the plant is submerged under the water surface.

Rafting pond plants to propagate now from cuttings are: