Is it too early to plant my pond?

Is it too early to plant my pond?

This week we have been asked “Is it too early to plant my pond?”

Some other online retailers are not selling barerooted plants now as these cannot root firmly into their baskets in the current temperatures.

Our plants are already rooted into their mesh baskets and they have been rooted with us since the end of last Summer. They are ready to be sent out to customers now.

We liken the purchasing of our plants at this time of year to them “moving home”. They are growing out in the Nursery, are picked for an order, wrapped and boxed to enable shipping as wet plants in a dry cardboard box to be unwrapped by the customer and placed straight back into water again in their new pond or bog situation. Do this as soon after receipt as possible but remember to check the depth of water that each plant variety likes.

In fact, if you have built a pond over Autumn or Winter it would be unwise to delay adding any plants until the weather warms up as the pond water needs plants as soon as possible to help it remain healthy. 

So in answer to the question “Is it too early to plant my pond?” – the answer is “No, the weather is not a problem with our ready potted plants.