Aponogeton distachyos

Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos) are available for sale now.

These plants grow from approx a 60cm(2ft) depth of water and send their leaves and flowers up to the water surface in Spring just like a waterlily would do in the Summer months. They complement the waterlilies very well in a pond as they both occupy the same area of water but at different times of the year – they help to give you an extended spread of cover over the top of the pond.

Water Hawthorn normally flower between March and May and are sending up leaf and flower stalks at the moment.

Even if the top growth gets caught in the ice of a cold snap and dies back these plants will come back again from the deeper water basket and flower until the warmer waters of May send them dormant. They will last longer in leaf and flower if you can place them in a shadier spot, in cooler water.

Don’t worry when they go dormant in Summer – they are like a daffodil bulb. Once flowering is over they disappear from view, but they are not dead  – ‘just resting’. Don’t throw the basket away!

We only have the Water Hawthorn for sale for a limited time in the year because of their dormancy periods. We will sell out by April/May.