Wild About Ponds

Wild About Ponds

Wild About Ponds is this years Wild About Gardens joint campaign between The RHS and The Wildlife Trusts.

To encourage people to add water to their garden,  allotment or balcony! Adding a pond is one of the best things you can do for wildlife in the garden.

Their message is - even a small pond or water container could help support a wide range of wildlife - frogs, toads dragonflies and birds. Not forgetting newts and the pollinating insects that can visit water plants for nectar and water at the same time.

Add to this the message that each pond is part of a bigger picture.

They are plotting a map of the country to demonstrate how we can make a network of aquatic habitats for the wildlife all around the UK - in both the countryside and in urban areas. The aim is to create as many ponds as possible to help our threatened wildlife freshwater species. We need to replace countryside ponds that have been lost in the growth of cities, roads and warehousing. Please pledge your pond or add an existing pond to the map on Wild About Gardens website.

Or download their information pack:

Help from us so you can easily add water to your outside space:

We want to make this task as simple as possible so everyone can join in.

Stand back and watch as the wildlife find your new area of water and colonize it as their own.

Increase the number of ponds near you - at home, at school, at the office.