3 of our container pond in a pot images were featured by Monty Don in BBC2 Big Dreams Small Spaces Episode 2.

The first mini pond shown was our 80cm fibreglass granite finish container – planted up with a selection of pond plants aimed at bringing wildlife into the garden.

All the emergent pond plants were placed in the Support Ring so they did not fall over.

The Iris versicolor and Primula florindae attract airbourne wildlife insect pollinators to the container pond in a pot and there was actually a bee on the Mentha cervina that was photographed on this image shoot! Can’t beat that to make a point!

The container pond planted for a shaded situation was the 60cm Weeping Red featuring pond plants supported in a Plant Support Ring to hold them at the correct depth.

Shade loving plants tend to be green, structural and architectural in shape with seed heads rather than colourful flowers – Isolepis cernua, Cyperus involucratus, and Equisetum scirpoides

The exception is the Anemopsis californica which is good at flowering in a more shaded situation.

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