Dragon and damselflies

Dragon and damselflies

We have seen so many dragon and damselflies on the new Nursery this year. Many more varieties than ever before. We are not experts in identifying them all but we love to watch them as they visit the plants and the water.

By this time of year dragon and damselflies are emerging from their underwater larvae form and are becoming flying adults. Their larvae casings are abandoned on upright water plants where the larvae have climbed up the stems of the water plants from the water habitat and out into dry air. They will then cling onto the stem or leaf stalk and push their bodies out of their final casing through the slit at the base of the head section.

  • You can find these casings abandoned on the stalks of pond plants for many weeks after they have been left.
  • We have had some great images sent in to us by our customers who, like us, enjoy watching all the wildlife in a pond area. Thanks to them all.

The adults are now flying over our water troughs (or over your pond) looking for a mate and once mated they will be trying to lay their eggs back into the water. They will fly as adults for only a few weeks so mating within that time is crucial. Photos are hard to get as they swoop and dart so quickly but we have a few.

  • Please send us any of your photos of dragon and damselflies in their various stages - we love to see them. Below are ours from this year.
  • Anyone got any dragon or damselfly video they can share with us??

To see our full section on dragon and damselfly life cycles please see our Tips and Advice page.

Recommended plants to help dragon and damselflies climb out of water: