Insect pollinators

Insect pollinators

In this late burst of summer sunshine the bees and other insect pollinators have been searching out the late season nectar and pollen rich flowers.

In the pond August - September flowering Pontederia cordata is beloved by Bumble bees as they have a short flower head suited to that bee's short tongue.

Mentha cervina (both purple and white varieties) are attracting bees and butterflies now and some Lythrum salicaria are still in flower for them too. Waterlily flowers of any colour are also attractive to the insect pollinators.

In the moist area Eupatorium cannabinum is the favourite - their flat, pink flowers often covered by a mass of bees and butterflies. Succissa pratensis is also popular for a late feast in the sun.

So, try and ensure that as many seasons of the year as possible have insect pollinator plants in flower in the pond and moist areas so that when wildlife returns to the water area for refreshment they will also find nectar or pollen rich flowers.

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Some recommended plants for insect pollinators: