New toad spawn on the Nursery

New toad spawn on the Nursery

We were so excited to see toad spawn and toads on the Nursery this week!

The sound of the toads made us investigate.

  • It was a high pitched squeeking noise we had not heard before that sounded almost like a bird's cry.
  • We saw a female with some spawn still attached to her swimming in one of our ground level troughs.
  • Then we saw her on land with what looked like a juvenile on her back and another adult nearby too.
  • She had left her strings of spawn wound around the stems of the Veronica beccabunga plant in the water.
  • Unfortunately we did not see this take place but next time we will recognize the noise and be quicker to investigate!

We find this really encouraging as toads should return to the pond of their birth to mate and the Nursery has only been on its current site for 2 years so this female could not have been born here.

We are so delighted her sat nav went wrong. She stopped here with us and now we hope we can see her spawn grow into tadpoles and  young toadlets that will stay close to the Nursery.

This trough will now be left undisturbed as we watch the spawn develop. We also saw newts in the same trough so will see how they live alongside each other.

Hopefully the newts will not eat the toad spawn or tadpoles because of their unpleasant taste.

We have just entered this new toad spawn siting into the Freshwater Habitats Trust Spawn Survey - this is the last week for entries so hurry to enter your sightings too.

For more information on toad lifecycle please visit our Tips and Advice page.