We take a great deal of effort packing your parcels so that you receive your mail order pond plants in the best condition possible.

We try and use recyclable materials where possible. Used newspaper and cardboard boxes are both useful in a compost heap. But we do need plastic bags to keep our wet plants from soaking and weakening the cardboard box. We cannot find a substitute at the moment but we are looking out for one.

Here is the sequence of packing your parcels:

  • Plants picked and ticketed on the Nursery in the morning and taken to the packing area.
  • Wrapped in newspaper and bagged to retain the moisture around the plant.
  • Placed in a box with a liner to make sure the cardboard box stays dry
  • Taped down securely and the box labelled with a Perishable Goods label to alert the courier of its contents
  • The address label holds the ‘Place to leave without signature’ details for the courier driver.
  • Collected by the Courier company APC Parcelrite and an email with tracking details sent to you.
  • Transported to the hub for redistribution overnight to a depot near you
  • Loaded on a local delivery van the day after they are picked in the Nursery. (All Islands and Scotland above Perth excepted).
  • A text will be sent to a mobile number on the day of delivery with a 2 hour time slot but the parcel will be left ‘without signature in the place of safety’