Monty Don adds pond surface cover - plant waterlilies

Monty Don adds pond surface cover - plant waterlilies

Monty Don has just planted a new waterlily in his pond. Waterlilies are most peoples first choice to add flower and leaf to the pond surface quickly. Monty Don replanted a Dwarf waterlily candida into a 10 litre mesh basket using a clay based soil and then lowered it down into the water until the leaves and flower were just on the water surface.

  • Remember your pond surface should be two thirds covered with waterlilies to create a natural balance at this time of year to give shade and stop the water temperature rising.
  • It is still possible to add more waterlily plants to your pond now especially as our plants are already rooted into their baskets and will just be 'moving home' not trying to establish new roots at this time of the season.

Our Pond waterlilies arrive to you rooted into 3 litre (10" diameter) mesh baskets of aquatic compost and the dwarf and miniature varieties arrive rooted into 1 litre (4" square diameter) mesh baskets and aquatic compost.

  • In the case of waterlilies replace them in the same depth of water on arrival that they have been growing in at the Nursery. The leaves and any flowers should be floating on the water surface and if necessary you should raise the basket off the pond base or shelf on bricks to achieve this.
  • There should be no need to add gravel to the top of our baskets as they are not newly potted and the soil will not 'fluff up' when they are placed into the water.
  • Use an XL feed ball in each waterlily basket so that the plant receives a boost and continues to flower and send up more leaves and flowers for the rest of the summer.
  • This will help protect the young and vulnerable wildlife creatures as they prepare to leave the pond soon and the flowers will add another source of nectar and pollen for the insect pollinators like bees and hoverflies.
  • For a small pond or a container pond try to add cover to the water surface using the miniature or dwarf waterlilies.
  • Push a small Growth Feed Ball into each  dwarf or miniature waterlily basket for a boost to flowering. (These growth balls, supplied in a pack of 50, can be used for other 1 litre plant baskets in your pond too - Iris and other flowering plants will benefit most)

Adding more waterlilies and covering more of the pond surface will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the water which will reduce water evaporation and the water temperature so helping to control blanket weed and green algae at this hot time of year. Their leaves will also protect vulnerable wildlife as water levels diminish.

See our Tips and Advice page for more help.

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