In 15cm basket

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  • 23-44cm depth
  • Sunny
Supplied rooted in - 2 litre basket (15cm/6" width x 15cm/6" height)
Planting Depth - in 45-60cm (18-24") depth of water
Colour -  White flower and green leaves approx 8cm (3")
Flowers - May - September
Spread - Approx 60cm (24"). Medium
Aspect - Sunny
Attracts - Bees, butterflies and hoverflies
Origin - Non-native
Care Tips - Nymphaea odorata Alba do not like constant splashing water. They also benefit from the removal of dying flowers and foliage on a regular basis. Pond Waterlilies are heavy feeders so would benefit from added Feed balls for Aquatic plants in Spring.
Extra info - Waterlilies return to a dormant state in winter with no leaf cover on the pond or container pond. Read more about Caring for waterlilies in our Tips and Advice pages

Pond waterlily Nymphaea odorata Alba - white flowers and green leaves.