Waterside Nursery at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Waterside Nursery at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

We are delighted with our 7th Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show which we received this morning.

We dressed the exhibit differently this year which always feels like a risk until the judges verdict comes in. We all really liked the new look with more space and reflections showing between the plants and are pleased with the reaction of both judges and the public that have visited us this morning.

Thanks to everyone for all their appreciative comments!

We had a great 8 minute piece on the Friday of Chelsea Flower Show 2017 on BBC TV. View this below:

We did a 'walk around' of the Nursery to show customers how our aquatic plants are grown in different depths of water on our Nursery. We built and developed this new Nursery over the Winter of 2016 to allow us to propagate all we need to grow and have ready for our website orders.

As we send all our plants (except oxygenating plants) as ready rooted in a basket we have to have them produced the year before for early sales. The camera team could see all the troughs containing hundreds of baskets of a species of plant in each all ready to go.

When the BBC visited in April this year and brought an underwater camera with them and filmed newts in our waterlily tanks and they loved the damselflies they filmed flying around the Caltha palustris (Marsh Marigold) in one tunnel.

The camera crew visited the new Nursery to film us but we are afraid that we are not open to the public because of planning regulations.

All our plants leave us by mail order.

View video: