Waterlilies for surface cover in the pond

Waterlilies for surface cover in the pond

Need the right size of waterlilies to add more surface cover to your pond?

Now is a good time to add more waterlilies of all sizes to your pond. The weather is getting warmer but the plants are still small in growth after this cold Spring.

  • Waterlilies are the favourite surface cover plants for a pond because of their colourful flowers in Summer.
  • The aim is to cover half to two thirds of the pond surface in Summer with plant growth.
  • This keeps the water cooler and shaded below the surface to help avoid blanketweed and algae.
  • Choose the size of waterlily that will achieve this spread in about 3 years.

Waterlily Spread:

  • Water lilies are available in sizes ranging from Miniature through to large Pond waterlilies for larger ponds.
  • The Miniature waterlilies are suitable for a barrel pond or very small pond. The whole plant may only get to the size of a side plate.
  • Each leaf only 3cm(1 inch) wide.
  • Dwarf waterlilies are slightly larger in spread across the pond surface with each leaf around 6cm(2-3 inches) wide.
  • The larger Pond waterlilies can have a single leaf from 11cm/4'" wide.
  • There is only one British Native waterlily which is Nymphaea alba. This is a white waterlily and a plant can spread to 2m across.

Waterlily Water Depth:

  • Each size of waterlily will grow in a different depth of water so make sure you take this into account when choosing which variety you want.
  • All waterlilies need to have the top of the basket placed below potential ice level in the water.
  • Miniatures need a maximum 15cm(6 inches) of water over the top of the basket.
  • Dwarf waterlilies will accept 25cm(10 inches) of water over the basket.
  • Pond waterlilies are in 2 categories (growing in 15cm and 23cm baskets respectively) - those with <p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”) below water surface</p> under the image (Medium)are less vigorous in spread and grow with less water over the basket than a <p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p> large waterlily which could, eventually, reach a metre deep.


  • Miniature Waterlilies -
  • Dwarf Waterlilies -
  • Pond Waterlilies 

Medium size:

Large size:

Additional Feed -

  • Waterlilies will benefit from being fed twice a year. Once in early Spring and again mid-Summer.
  • Choose the XL Aquatic feed ball for larger waterlilies sent in 23cm(9inch) round baskets each feed.
  • Use one Feed balls for Aquatic plants for smaller waterlilies sent in 11cm square baskets each feed.
  • You can also use these smaller feed balls in all your other flowering Pond Plants in 11cm baskets.
  • Push the Aquatic feed ball into the compost of the basket to give their flowering and growth a boost.