Waterlilies for surface cover in the pond

Waterlilies for surface cover in the pond

Choose the right size of waterlilies to add more surface cover to your pond.

  • Waterlilies are the favourite surface cover plants for a pond because of their colourful flowers in Summer.
  • The aim is to cover half to two thirds of the pond surface in the height of summer with plant growth to keep the water cool and shaded below the surface to avoid blanketweed and algae.
  • Choose the size of waterlily that will achieve this spread in about 3 years.

Waterlily Spread:

  • They are available in sizes ranging from miniature through to large Pond waterlilies for larger ponds.
  • The Miniature waterlilies are suitable for a barrel pond or small pond and the whole plant may only get to the size of a side plate.
  • Each leaf only 3cm(1inch) wide.
  • Dwarf waterlilies are slightly larger in spread across the pond surface with each leaf around 6cm(2-3inches) wide.
  • The larger Pond waterlilies can have a single leaf that reaches the size of a dinner plate. There is only one British native waterlily which is Nymphaea alba. This is a white waterlily and can spread to 1-2m across.

Waterlily Water Depth:

  • Each size of waterlily will grow in a different depth of water so make sure you take this into account when choosing which variety you want.
  • Miniatures only need 15cm(6inches) of water over the top of the basket
  • Dwarf waterlilies will accept around 25cm(10inches) of water over the basket.
  • Pond waterlilies are in 2 categories - those with <p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”) below water surface</p> under the image are less vigorous in spread and grow with less water over the basket than a <p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p> waterlily which could, eventually, reach a metre deep.


  • Miniature Waterlilies -
  • Dwarf Waterlilies -
  • Pond Waterlilies - 

Additional Feed -

  • Waterlilies will benefit from being fed twice a year. Once in early Spring and again mid Summer.
  • Choose the XL Aquatic feed ball for larger waterlilies sent in 23cm(9inch) round baskets
  • Use Feed balls for Aquatic plants for smaller waterlilies sent in 11cm square baskets.
  • You can also use these smaller feed balls in all your other flowering Pond Plants in 11cm baskets.
  • Push the Aquatic feed ball into the compost of the basket to give their flowering and growth a boost.