Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Chelsea Flower Show 2018

A Silver Gilt Medal for us at Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Many of you have followed us for a long time and know we always strive to achieve that Gold Medal. We are all sad that we failed to get our 8th Gold but are now back in the Nursery despatching plants like crazy as the orders have not stopped coming in!

The exhibit was colourful and the waterlily flowers all looked wonderful - whites, reds and pinks. (Albatross, Gladstoniana, Darwin, Marliacaea Carnea, Mrs Richmond, Rene Gerard, Rembrandt, Attraction)

Iris pseudacorus, Iris pseudacorus Variegata and Iris versicolor Mysterious Monique were in flower. Anemopsis californica, Ranunculus flammula  and Potentilla palustris in full bloom. Rafting plants Myosotis scorpioides, Myosotis scorpioides alba and Veronica beccabunga were in flower too.

Colourful foliage came from Houttuynia cordata Chameleon and Oenanthe javanica Flamingo and seed heads from 3 Typha - latifolia Variegata, lugdunensis and minima.

James Wong and Nikki Chapman

James Wong and Nikki Chapman

James Wong and Nikki Chapman visited the exhibit for Wednesday afternoon's BBC TV programme. They mentioned the hardy Cyperus involucratus and showed our 60cm gunmetal container pond with the dwarf pink waterlily Firecrest and the free floating Hydrocharis morsus-ranae.

The black and white combination of container ponds we put together proved hugely successful.

Our Iris pseudacorus was in flower and Carol Klein sat on the edge of the exhibit and talked about it in  her TV section on the Friday.

Both TV pieces showed shots of the exhibit for viewers to see.

We did what we always try to do - encourage more people to think about adding water to their gardens for their own pleasure and for the benefit of the wildlife that will visit it.

Visitors enjoyed the colour in the flowers and the reflections in the water. They saw garden ponds and container ponds to suit the smallest of garden spaces.

We have inserted some photos here for you: