Craig from Strictly & our 98cm container pond

Craig from Strictly & our 98cm container pond

Craig from Strictly sent us a photo of his new 98cm container pond in the granite finish.

He purchased this recently and looks really pleased as he sits beside it in his conservatory. It seems to make a great centre piece in this leisure area of his house.

He planted it as we suggested with 2 pink Pond waterlilies - Nymphaea Mrs Richmond and some oxygenating plants.

If you want to take a look you can see all the colours he had to choose from but we have to agree the granite fits well with his sofas and floor colourings.

Our container ponds are happy outside in the garden too and they allow you to add water to a small area of the garden. They certainly make it easier to have a pond than digging one out in the ground.

If you have not got the space for the 98cm diameter pond we do these container ponds in both 60cm and 80cm diameter in all the different colours.

Take a look at our Container pond pages for some suggested prepared planting combinations for shaded or for sunny places.

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