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We write our pond blog about once a week with tasks to be done in your pond at that time with tips on how to care for your pond and its plants.

We also try and show you the wildlife you can see in your pond.

Our blog contains all the information and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years in the Nursery.

60cm Container pond in Weeping Red planted for a shaded position

Maintaining your container pond this Autumn

Maintaining your container pond this Autumn is particularly important as you can accumulate significant amounts of rotting vegetation in that  small volume of water. 1. Remove tree leaves that arrive...

Container pond in fibreglass with a Granite effect finish planted for sun

Fibreglass container ponds

There has been a great deal of interest in containers for small ponds following the recent Gardeners' World barrel pond segment. Rachel de Thame also mentioned our fibreglass...

Container pond in fibreglass with a Granite effect finish planted for sun

Container ponds

If you already have  container ponds now is the time to feed your pond plants. They have been isolated from any nutrient in their more clinical environment so...

container pond feature in gunmetal with dwarf waterlilies

Container pond feature

The idea of using a container pond feature for flowering pond plants is popular in magazines and newspapers again this year. House and Garden give container ponds a...