ready rooted plants

Planting your pond now and right the way through Autumn is great with our ready rooted plants.

We are currently sending out plants that would otherwise spend the coming Winter months potted up in our outside troughs. These could stay in the Nursery waiting to be sent next Spring so it is not a problem for them to be sent out now to overwinter in your pond area.

Think of them ‘moving home’ – they are not barerooted pieces that have to be potted by you and root before Winter. They are rooted already in mesh baskets of aquatic compost. They only need placing on your shelf area as they are.

It is actually an advantage to your pond if the plants are put into their permanent home before Winter.

Next Spring these plants will be adapted to your water temperature and be able to start into growth immediately the weather in your area encourages them to.

We are in Leicestershire so those gardening in the South will have plants ‘up to speed’ with your Spring time temperatures.

Waterlilies placed at a certain depth will come to the surface in one move next Spring rather than reaching the surface of the water in the Nursery. Then they will not have to adapt when sent out from us and placed in a different depth of water in your pond.

Oxygenating plants will soon drop down to the base of your pond out of sight but they will still be working for you over Winter and will respond to the warmth levels in your pond in Spring.

Don’t forget the other items for your shopping basket to have ready for next Spring – Barleystraw minibales or Extract of Barleystraw to help keep the water clear.

Our moist plants are also rooted into pots and will enjoy being planted out into soil that still has some warmth in it from the Summer sunshine. These will provide a good wildlife habitat early in the Spring as the plants start to grow at the same time as the wildlife is starting to journey back to your pond area.

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