Planting your pond now with our rooted baskets

Planting your pond now with our rooted baskets

You can still add our plants to your pond now.

Garden centres have stopped selling pond plants. Wholesalers have stopped delivering so Garden Centres can get Christmas decorations out on sale. Our pond plants can still be planted now and we still have them available.

Planting your pond now is easy with our ready-rooted plants.

  • Some online retailers are not selling plants now as they send bareroot plants. There is no time for these to root firmly into their baskets before Autumn.
  • Our plants are ready now to be sent anytime.
  • We send out rooted plants in mesh baskets and aquatic soil.
  • We will send out orders until ice is on top of the troughs here.
  • Potted plants will spend the coming months in our outside troughs.
  • Or we can send them out to you to grow on in your pond.

Think of them 'moving home' -

  • Our plants are already rooted in mesh baskets of aquatic compost.
  • You do not have to repot them.
  • Place them at the right depth of water as per the ticket with them when you receive them.

Advantages of planting pond plants into their permanent pond before Winter -

  • Next Spring these plants will respond to your water temperature.
  • Your pond plants will start growing immediately after the weather in your area encourages them.
  • We are in Leicestershire so those gardening in the South will have plants 'up to speed' with earlier Spring temperatures.
  • Waterlilies placed in your pond now will grow up to water surface level in one move next Spring. They will not have to adapt to your pond depth after growing to the water surface in the Nursery.
  • Oxygenating plants planted now will drop down to the base of your pond out of sight. They will be working for you over Winter and will respond to the warmth levels in your pond in Spring.

Planting Schemes - we can give you assistance in planting a whole pond -

  1. Measure your pond surface area
  2. Compare to our table
  3. Order that scheme
  4. Give us any special requirements in General Comments as you go through checkout eg shady pond, already have yellow Iris etc
  5. We select your plants
  6. You can get a Pond Planting Scheme with oxygenating plants, shelf upright plants, shelf rafting plants and waterlilies (no waterlily in Planting Scheme Size 1) for that pond size.
  7. We balance the scheme we send to cover a wide range of seasons of interest and for many different types of wildlife visitors.

Pond Planting Collections to encourage wildlife -

  1. Dragonflies
  2. Newts
  3. Pollinators

Don't forget the other items for your shopping basket like Chlorine guard for tap water treatment, Pond Revive to add to your "good bacteria"  levels, contour baskets to keep taller plants stable and in a group. Barleystraw minibales or Barley Bio Algae Control is ready for use in Spring to help keep the water clear.

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