Trim rafting pond plants

Trim rafting pond plants

Rafting pond plants like Veronica beccabunga and Oenanthe javanica Flamingo will be growing fast in these summer months and some may need trimming back as they travel too far across your water surface.

Trim back stems that have rooted into the water just below a node and use these cuttings as new plants - either repot to make more plants or add the cuttings back to the original basket to make the plant look less leggy.

For detailed propagation tips - see our Tips and Advice page.

Be careful not to cause too much disturbance of the water at this time of year – many invertebrates will be hiding in or under the rafting plant growth and will dislike the disturbance. Shake any cuttings or plants over the pond water to dislodge any creatures.

Young frogs, toads and newts will be making their way to the edge of the pond soon as they begin to leave the water for land. Be wary of stone slabs and large areas of gravel near the pond at this time of year – in hot, sunny weather emerging amphibians can quickly dry out and die on hot paving slabs. Ideally you should provide shaded, damp places for them to hide in as soon as they emerge from the water.

Plant bog garden plants or moist loving plants in a specially prepared area at the pond edge to create an emergence zone of leafy, damp shade. Provide cover in an edge of longer, uncut grass near the pond or under piles of rocks, stones or logs .