Renew the barleystraw minibale now

Renew the barleystraw minibale now

Using a Barleystraw minibale in a pond:

Renew the Barleystraw minibale now that you put into the pond last February/March.

The pond needs to have a constant supply of fresh barleystraw to combat greenwater and blanketweed algae.

  • Barleystraw decomposes over time
  • The existing minibale is old now
  • Add its replacement to the water to float alongside it for now
  • Leave the old minibale in whilst the new one is activating
  • Make a note to remove the old one next month
  • If barleystraw is left to rot down completely in your pond it will add to the sludge on the pond base
  • This rotting will create more algae or blanketweed in the future as it continues to deteriorate

So add a new minibale and remove the old one in July/August.

You should renew the barleystraw minibale like this twice a year - once in February (remove the old in March) and again in July (remove the old in August).

Liquid Barleystraw Products:

Continue to add the liquid Barley Bio Algae Control weekly to a small pond or container pond feature to keep the water free from greenwater and blanketweed growth in these hot summer months.

  • When it starts to get cooler change to fortnightly dosing.
  • Don't stop dosing until the clocks go back in October.
  • Start again with the change of the clocks next Spring unless March is a hot one and then you need to start earlier.