Gardeners World Magazine - Potted ponds

Gardeners World Magazine - Potted ponds

Our planted 60 cm container pond in textured Verdigris look fibreglass appears in Gardener's World Magazine May 2018 in an article entitled Potted ponds.

Download the article here.

We provided the fibreglass container pond and plants for the main photo and the step by step section but were not at the photoshoot itself.

What a delight when we saw the results in the magazine.

The Verdigris coloured bowl set beautifully against an ice blue background on a textured flooring area. Toned to perfection.

It made us want to reach in and touch the ripples on that verdigris bowl!

  •  60cm container pond planted for a shady site in a very minimalist style. 3 visible plant types (together with a submerged oxygenating plant Myriophyllum spicatum ).
  • Tallest at the back - Cyperus involucratus, next Juncus ensifolius with dark brown/black seedheads and in front,  the black and green barred Equisetum scirpoides.
  • All plants lodged in the specially made support ring that is included in the 60cm pond purchase.
  • The sunken wildlife pond is ideal for the amphibians and pollinators in the garden. It shows what a great use can be made of an old tin bath or any other bowl that will hold water in a small corner of the garden.
  • Scrambling Veronica beccabunga links the garden to the water and softens the hard edge of the pond as well as providing hiding places for the amphibians and their tadpoles when they are in the water.
  • Pollinator loving flowers on the Mentha cervina in both blue and white, attract the butterflies and bees in June/July mixed with the fragrant Anemopsis californica at the back of the pond. And the bumble bees just love the Pontederia cordata for late Summer nectar.
  • A big bowl, like the terracotta coloured one, filled with just waterlilies is a great way to showcase this group of flowering water plants. Featured alone, soaking up the sun in a still container pond area. Ideal. (Oxygenating plants placed beneath the water surface)

Top Tips:

  • Whenever you set up a pond in a pot add oxygenating plants beneath the water.
  • Buy Barley Bio Algae Control to use 10ml weekly during the warmer months.
  • If you have to cut your lawn then it is time for the container pond to be dosed with Barley Bio.

More advice on setting up a container pond using our support grid and planted baskets:

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