Your pond in hot weather

Your pond in hot weather

The weather in the next coming weeks will be hot at last!

Watch out for water loss from your pond or container pond due to evaporation.

In normal summer months the effect of the sun can cause around 2 to 3 cm of water loss from your pond in a week.

This could be more. Through both evaporation and because the plants will use more too.

You need to check for water loss and top up your pond in hot weather:

Other hot weather issues:

  • Water features and filters may block up with excess algae/blanketweed growing faster in the heat.
  • Your pipework could spring a leak by being exposed to the sun and cracking if it is not made from uv stabilised material.
  • Moving water features may run out of water which will cause the pump to run dry and burn out.
  • Your pond liner may be punctured by animal and pet claws as they try to drink from the pond.


  • Treat the pond more frequently in hot weather with liquid Barley Bio Algae Control. It's a safe, organic method.
  • Make sure your Barleystraw minibale is still active and not going black quicker than usual in the heat.
  • Add a new one if it is & remember to remove the old one in a month.
  • Back up the minibale treatment in the short term with Barley Bio during the heat wave.
  • Clean the filter and pump more frequently. Use old pond water (not tap water) to keep all your beneficial bacteria.
  • Use Pond Revive to boost the beneficial bacteria levels in your pond water. Another safe, organic product.
  • If you find a hole/split in the liner - patch it with a piece of liner fixed with a waterproof adhesive.
  • Add more waterlilies to your pond so their leaves cover more of the surface area to give shade and leave less open water for evaporation.
  • Cut back Iris plant foliage after flowering to 6" tall above usual water level.
  • Tall foliage loses a lot of water so reduce the height and reduce the load on the pond's limited water resources.
  • Leave a good 6" stem height though for dragonflies to climb up to leave the pond.

If you are going on holiday check the weather forecast.

  • If no rain is due add shade over your pond from a gazebo to keep the water cooler and reduce evaporation.
  • You will not be there to see that it may not look attractive.
  • It will help to reduce the problems of these hot temperatures on your pond in your absence.