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We write our pond blog about once a week with tasks to be done in your pond at that time with tips on how to care for your pond and its plants.

We also try and show you the wildlife you can see in your pond.

Our blog contains all the information and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years in the Nursery.

Clear up your pond this Autumn

October is the time to clear up your pond. Autumn neglect will lead to problems next Spring. There are 4 key points: 1. Remove tree leaves as they...

60cm Container pond in Weeping Red planted for a shaded position

Maintaining your container pond this Autumn

Maintaining your container pond this Autumn is particularly important as you can accumulate significant amounts of rotting vegetation in that  small volume of water. 1. Remove tree leaves that arrive...

leaf net above pond

Falling tree leaves

Falling tree leaves have a bad effect on the quality of your pond water. You should put a covering net across your pond before the tree leaves fall...

pond pest - China Mark Moth

Pond plant pests

There are not many pond plant pests but here are some that may be affecting your waterlilies and shelf pond plants now. For illustrations of these pond plant...

water loss

Water loss from your pond

The weather forecast for next week is HOT! Watch out for water loss from your pond or container pond due to evaporation. In normal summer months the effect...

single cell algae bloom with no fibres

Sunny days

Along with sunny days comes the growth of all plants. Unfortunately that can include the plant growth that you do not want to see - like the greenish...

Before Autumn maintenance

More pond maintenance tips for Autumn

Continue with stage 1 pond maintenance - you should remove rotting brown waterlily leaves and dead flowers. Also any upright foliage falling over and droping into the water...

view of a planted pond shelf area

Should you top up your pond?

Recently we have had hot and dry weather - the odd torrential downpour has helped the level of water in the pond as it was getting precariously low....